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Critical Incompatibility issue with Buddypress Global Search

Dear Support, thanks for your great customer service and template, but others need to know that BuddyPress Global Search breaks your template here's what happened:

- After install the plugin it was not possible to do a search for the videos provided by template when doing a keyword search unless the keywords are same an existing title of video (which makes very little sense to search for happy or dog, and only the videos with the only words "happy or dog" come up, means if video called happy 1 or dog 2, these will not appear, and if type user 1 or user 2, then his videos will not show also...)

- After delete plugin, I am no able to do a search I will get a white page and not able to use / test other plugins what so ever...

- I asked for support to assist but after 36hours I still not get a reply for this;

- I also requested for the name of files for previous bug fix on template so that we can install previous backup and not request to make second round of bug fix to already fixed things, but no reply on this part also;

- Please can you help to solve...


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After finding the faulty file and removing it, we were able to upload the Relevanssi plugin, as per snap settings, now we are able to :

Search for user1 and the videos for User1 are showing;

Search for keyword1 keyword2 keyword3 and the videos are also showing.

Please show our findings for others who may have similar issues thank you, we posting snaps also of our settings of the plugin;


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