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This theme i just bought does not work, videos dont ''sync like its supposively does you have to add them in manually? the page builder is a joke too. i am not paying you to hook it up for me either, i payed for it to look like the demo. if you cant deliver what your selling i want a refund asap or i will get one as soon as the weekends over. i just had a another one i had to take my money back from same situation. So its up to you are u gonna fix this so it looks like what i thought i payed for or are u gonna dick me around here and feed me bullshit, its up to you how you want this to go.


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It seems that you have issues in installing the theme, Please send us a ticket along with your website information so our support team can look into it for you.

We have Eid holidays started so you will have a reply after that.

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