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Presale Questions

Hi, i have few pre-sale questions :

1. Mainly i want to sharing/uploading of Word Documents, Power Points. Pdf files, is it possible to add these types ? so that users can share these files,

2. if doc/pdf files possible to upload from front end, then is it possible to show those documents in iframe/preview in the post, instead of simple attachment.

3. Is it possible to upload the files directly to amazon s3/box or any other storage place instead of website hosted server.

if it involves customization and what will be the price ?



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Thank you for you interest,

By default, you can allow uploader to support documents files with little modification in theme files and we will help you to achieve but for a more advanced solution like the preview on the detail page, we have a separate solution for this purpose.

i have also same doubt,how can i add .pdf type files to theam?

Thanks for intrest.

Please create a new ticket with item purchase code. Our support team will assist you.

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