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Add new page to dashboard pages

Hi, i have added a menu item to the dashboard called media upload.

this page i wanna use to show the media uploader so only logged in member can add files from there profile/dashboard.

Q: where do i save the page: users-media-upload.php i created and how do i call it?

users-media-upload.php has the php code to show the uploader...

or is there a simple way of doing this?

kind regards



Hi Arie,

How's the support response for this theme? I don't see a response to your question. I'm just checking it out before I decide to purchase. Also, I'd love to see what you did with the theme if it's available for public viewing. Thanks! =)

Hi Peter, response is sometimes good and sometime really bad. But the question was answered. The theme is great !! My site is not live yet but if you leave an email address i'll send you my site url.

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