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Sites Example for Uploader theme

I would like to know a list of site that is currently online using the uploader theme.. Just want to see some as I am trying to get my site out there It would be nice to see some examples

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How goes the progress on your site? I've almost completed a project with uploader - Once done I will share :-)

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Did anyone even hear from support yet? Thanks!

Nope not really. I'm having an issue with the basic theme settings now and waiting to see if I get a reply and some help. I'm not overly confident though. Kind of looks like we're on our own.

I was contacted over the radio player repeating the display on some file types - but they didnt actually do anything or provide a solution. Just stated "that's very strange".


I have been waiting for a reply myself for the uploading theme


How's the support for this theme guys? I'm considering purchasing but the support forum here looks pretty non-existent. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you! =)

Well, my personal experience with support has been poor. Every time I opened a support ticket I was forced to reply on public comments before I received a reply. When I did finally get a reply I was basically brushed off and never received an answer. (At least not a helpful one). Basically theme is out of date etc. Updating did not help and in a few cases caused more problems. I am a programmer analyst and have been working with wordpress for about 6 years or more. I have heavily modified my theme, but I did find many issues right out of the box. I do understand (to a degree) the lack of direct support for me because of the modifications. Mind you I did provide a detailed list of the files changed and I can assure my changes did not effect the issues I experienced. In one support ticket my question was related to a change in had made. This was not resolved by support. And I do understand they can not support external mods. I found that support replies would take 10-14 days. What I can say is: Using this theme as my base framework saved me time from having to program from the ground up. But it has been a very frustrating experience. I do not plan to purchase from these developers again.

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Thanks for the reply and info Revolved.I'm sorry to hear that this great looking theme with so much potential is not being supported as it should. Perhaps that is the reason for the lack of sales after 1 year of being on themeforest. I was close to making the purchase, but I've decided to hold off until the theme developer chooses to be more proactive with Uploader. I hope that is in the near future, otherwise, I'll just move forward with another theme which is what it looks like many other existing and potential customers are doing.

Would you mind sharing a link to your site? I'd love to see what you've done with the theme. Again, thanks for all your input. It really helped. =)

Think you could share the alternative theme? Sure I can share it's a client site though so I can't publicly post yet. If you have an email or another contact I'd be happy to show you what we're doing with it.

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I haven't selected a theme yet, but I'm considering using the theme I select with BuddyPress + a custom post types plugin to achieve the same result. I want to feel confident in the support and development of whatever theme I use before making the purchase, so I ask a lot of questions and dig around to see what I can find first. I've been working with WP a long time myself, so I've had to learn the hard way ... more than once. Feel free to email me at peterwhite078 [at]

Yeah I should know by now. My alternative method was to use buddy press with and upload plugin I had found. At this point that would have been a faster method and would have had more control. Either way, I'm close to what will work. I will shoot you an email.
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