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There are lots of error and theme options are not getting saved


The issue is.

1. Demo content is not uploading.
2. I can reduce the size of menu text.
3. Visual editor is not working.
4. "Home" page show me blank.
5. I cant upload my own Logo.
6. Image has not exact size.
7. Menu is not working.
8. I cant change the color of header area.
9. Top header is not visible.
10. Footer is not visible.

11. Classic mode is not working.

And lots of stuff is error. and i am very disappointed about that. Please take a look at the website.

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The issue is that you are using a very old version of PHP which is 5.2.17 whereas most of theme including travelhub requires minimum PHP version 5.3.0, Please contact your hosting providers and ask them to upgrade your PHP version.


I use PHP Version 5.5.30, it's not working too


I have the same issues

I'm having same issue. Our hosting using PHP version 5.4

Kindly help as the layout of theme is beautiful. 

We already fixed this issue in your created ticket

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