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How to show a newly-created page on the Main Menu in Uploader Wordpress Theme?

  1. Login to WordPress admin panel.
  2. Go to “Appearance” => “Menus”. “Menus” dashboard will appear to the right. 
  3. To the left of the “Menus” dashboard, you will find an Accordion Widget. In this widget, locate the option “Pages” and click on it. A “Pages” box will appear. 
  4. In the “Pages” box, there will appear all the pages that you might have created. 
  5. Put a check in the check box of desired page that you want to show in the Main Menu and then click on the “Add to Menu” button given in the bottom of the “Pages” box. 
  6. As you click on the “Add to Menu” button, the given page will appear on the Main Menu items section to the right. Here you adjust the position of that page on the Main Menu through drag & drop method. 
  7. Now scroll the page down and click on the option “Save Changes” given in the bottom.                               

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