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How to create and customize a new Tours Post in Travelhub Wordpress Theme?

Please follow the easy steps:

  1. Login to Wordpress Admin Panel dashboard
  2. Go to “Tours” => “Add Tour”. Click on “Add Tour. 
  3. Locate the “Add New Tour” input box and provide title for the new Tour. 
  4. Go to text area and provide text about the new Tour. 
  5. Scroll the page down locate the option "Tour Settings" in tabs 
  6. i: Tour Settings! "Starting from, Start Date, End Date, Temperature, Childrens and Features" put the values to your requirements 
  7. ii: Tour Plan! "Day Title, Image and Description" put the values to your requirements 
  8. iii: Flight Schedule! Date, Flight From, Destination, Departs and Arrives put the values to your requirements 
  9. iv: Additional Information! Enter the "Information: to your requirements 
  10. v: Layout! 'A' No Slider, 'B' Banner, 'C' Revoluation Slider and change the column "Tour Masonry" Enable or Disable masonry functionailty on tours to your requirements. 
  11. Click on “Publish/Update” on the WP Dashboard sidebar.

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