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How to Create Uploader Theme "Home Page"?

Please follow the producer and create the Uploader "Home page" settings!


    i: Login to wordpress admin panel.

    ii: Go to “Pages” => “Add New”.

    iii: As you click on “Add New”, a new widow will appear on the WP dashboard.

    iv: Locate the “Add New Page” input box and provide title for the new Page.

    v: Scroll the page down and locate the option “Template”, on the WP Dashboard sidebar.

    vi: Select from the dropdown list “Front page”.

    vii: Insert the desired shortcodes that you want. etc [mf_media_query]

    viii: Scroll the page down and locate the option “Page Settings”, where you can find various editing options, like “Header” and “Layout”.

    ix: Choose the desired sidebar from the “Sidebar” dropdown list.

    x: Click on “Publish/Update” on the WP Dashboard sidebar.


i: Go to “Settings => Reading” on the side menu of WP Dashboard. “Reading Settings” dashboard will appear to the right.

ii: Locate the option “Front page displays”.

iii: Choose the a "static page" from dropdown list front page: "Home", and posts page: "Blog".

iv: Click “Save Changes” on bottom

3: Home Page Shortcodes

[mf_media_query columns="3" template="content-grid-view" list_masonry="1" thumb_size="large" list_thumb_size="medium"]

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