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Uploader feature requests: Required Sign-In / Registration

as the site owner, to have an option to make the “log-in page” as the first page when typing in the web address (want everyone that views any part of the site, to be a registered member). It will be for privacy policy and Terms of use so compliance will be agreed and understood.

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I was wondering, did you ever get a solution for that problem cause I just bought the uploader theme . Also, I installed it but I don't see the how we supposed the medias in there, I don't see the options. One more question to do they have like a file or a link that walk you through how to set up the theme, I can't find any of it...

@ Mark H.

There is a free plugin called Force Login which makes everyone login before they can see anything, including the homepage. And upon logout they are taken to the login page again.

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