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Hello I need support about your homescreen.

I want my Home Page to look like your demo version.

How to do it? Can you explain the steps. I have looked everywhere but can´t find

2. Another question is, there is no search bar for mobile? How to enable the function?

3. When I go to your site with my mobile, I can watch Video right away. When I upload Videos on my site, Video load very long. Are you using some caches, which let user watch video fast?

For future updates. Is it possible to let a user write his own “tags”, when uploading a file?

I have the same question, I went to your site, I like the way it looks and would like mine to look like that, but mine is mostly gonna be about pictures. I am still hoping I can get some help from them or someone else. I cannot seem to find anything here to help me to get my site started

When trying to register for on a mobile phone there is not an option for a new user to sign up. However there is option for a user that already have an account to sign in. Can you assist me in getting option available to new users?

I Checked it and its working fine. Please create a new ticket with credentials so we debug your issue.

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