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Dashboard is a Blank Screen

I have been waiting on a ticket response for 3 days now, well you started working on it and then gave up on it I guess... So figured I would see if anyone else came across this issue. 

I have the theme setup and working beautifully (these guys did a great job) but for some reason my dashboard links are all showing up as blank pages. (Dreaded WordPress Blank Screen of Doom). I am trying to figure out what is causing this and the only error I can find is the following.

[19-May-2015 17:03:13 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /path/to/my/website/uploader/modules/templates/members.php on line 17

I have looked at this file for quite some time and I can not find what the issue is.  I never edited this file. The only php files I have edited were the header.php and header-classic.php

I have tried increasing the memory limit for the site. Tried different php versions. Tried different rewrite conditions. Disabled all plugins. Plus about 30 other tricks and tips I have picked up over the years.

I am not new to WordPress. I have made 50-100 sites with the platform to date. I can usually figure out most problems I come across, but this one has me. If you guys have any ideas or thoughts on what I can do next, that would be very much appreciated!

Your issue is resolved the problem was with eAccelerator and PHP anonymous functions conflict.

Brendan ;;; how did you solve the issue "images uploaded is not considered as a post", so no home page with images is generated...


We just looked into your pointed issue and found that you were using the default index.php instead of custom front page. As you may know the Wordpress & Themeforest suggests to use index.php to display the latest blog content.

So to display other post types you have to create a static home page 

 Following is the procedure to display other post types

1. Login to Wordpress admin panel

2. Create a new page e.g. Front page and select "Front page" template from right side boxes.

3. Go to Settings > Reading and click on A static page ( select below )

4. Now select your newly created page e.g. Front page.

We strongly suggest you to please read our documentation for better understanding about Uploader theme.