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Youtube Api v3

Since yesterday, (may 06 2015), we can't post any new youtube video.

I have a new v3 Api key, but nowhere to put it.

Does SocialPlay theme is compatible with Youtube v3 API?

Is that theme dead to youtube videos?

Am I missing something here?

Someone, please would help me on that?


Kiko Poggi

2 people have this problem

Hi is there a response to the You tube Api key issue? as i too can't upload videos from you tube.



Im having the same where to put the new v3 api key...over last few months hired so many freelancer to fix this but no Luck!!!!!

Can anyone guide me on where to put the api key. I have tried youtube plugins too but nothing working.

Please HelP


Can't upload YouTube - can anyone help please...I've tried EVERYTHING & Social Play just doesn't like YouTube???

Thanks, Mary

Same Problem 12/2016

We already replied on your ticket.

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