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Android App

Hi I wanted to know if it was possible to complete your amazing work with an app for Android.

Theme: Uploader

Thanks for your interest,

Could you please share the information about the features you want to include in this APP.


Hello I wanted to know if it was possible to use the same functions as the template on android or ios app as if it were a social style facebook or twitter

The theme is responsive it working fine on both IOS and Android browsers.

To add another question to this, I think it means can someone actually go to store and download an app for example, my site name is, can someone goes to the android store and download instawears as an app, rather than go to the website even though it is a responsive site, so they can use the app and don't have to go to the site. If so, what would I need to do.

i want the same

Was the Andriod app later developed. if it was can you share the download link

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