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Social Play - Comments Section

So, I am very new to WordPress and have been wrapping my head around the Social Play theme. The two issues I have run into are 1st, is it possible to remove the "comments" section from the bottom of pages? There are some pages where I just don't want/need comments to exist, but I can't find any way to remove that. My other question is I add video content and it appears in the Boxes on my homepage, however there is no sample image to represent the video, I just get a grey ugly dimensions notification filler image. I can't find where I set the image for the boxes at. If anyone can address these questions I would be grateful, Thanks!

they dont aswer u.  They are sleeping.  this is a bullshit not service

dont worry also bought the theme and support is non existent! When they do answer its a url to wordpress help which has nothing to do with the question i have regarding the theme. I would really love to know how to get rid of the white block bottom right of the dashboard so users dont have access to wp

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