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I Love RockBand - No Audio tab?

Hi I just recently bought the "I Love RockBand" theme earlier today. 
I am trying to upload my artist songs but there is no tab to upload the audio like mentioned in the documentation. (granted the wordpress upload media tab). How can i upload my songs. I have clicked on Slider > but there isnt even a "Audios" button no where in my theme, doesnt even give me that option. Even in the albums tab, there is nothing to be found. Can You Pretty Please Help Me Thanks.

I have included screenshots of the issue. and screen shots of the directions. 

I have the same problem. Did you solve it?


Same problem as well. Any solution yet?

Has anyone gotten an answer to any questions concerning the "I Love Rockband" theme? I have been totally inconvenienced by the inconsistencies of this template and feel it's very rude to not even get a response from it's developer(s).


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