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Theme I love Rockband Theme Options not working etc.


its not using the theme option configurations.

so the whole website is not useable!

david has my login to my dashboard. when can u fix this?

when is a working update coming?

(entavo name = Mylander)

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I have a support ticket in for the same problem in H.E.L.P. theme. I sent login information one hour after David requested it, waited a full day, and then received another request from him for the same information. I sure hope he can get it working soon, because I'm doing this for a non-profit and we need to get it up and running before their annual fundraising event in a couple of weeks. Our content is already done, so all we need to do is redesign the site using this theme, and not being able to use the theme options after downloading the most recent version from has brought our work to a screeching halt!

I wonder if Milan ever got his site's theme options working? We definitely cannot wait 3 months to get started!


I have a similar issue with Uploader theme. It appears the extracoding framework is corrupting input data and/or not parsing the values correctly.

Even updating through database does not work. Leads to reverting to theme defaults set by class defaults.


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